About Western Body Shop

Western Body Shop was originally started by my father Daniel Avalos Sr. The majority of his business was Auto Sales.  As a young boy, my father started bringing me to the shop.  I began sweeping, cleaning the bathroom, washing cars etc.  Soon there after I was taught how to prep cars for paint.  At the age of 12 I was already doing complete paint jobs.  At the age of 16 I decided to leave Western body Shop to test my skills.  I found work at Crawford Auto Construction, a shop the more than doubled the size of my fathers. I began there as a prepper, and within 3 months I was their night shift head painter.  After graduating from High school, they moved me into the office.  There I learned to write estimates and deal with insurance companies.  Two years later I again decided to challenge myself and look another place to learn. 

I ended up at B&L automotive. Here I learned to deal with fleet companies, as well as how to actually run a shop, production wise.  I was there for about 2 years, but when I saw no room for promotion, I decided to leave.  I ended up back at Crawford Auto, this time as Office manager/head estimator.  That lasted a year, and then I was promoted to general manager.  I was in charge of everything, staff, office, production, and overall customer satisfaction.  I was 21 and living my dream, but it wasn’t mine. 

I ran Crawford Auto for about 3 years before I looked for another challenge.  I found LORO Auto Works,  and my now dear friend Bob Loro.  Bob has a reputation in the industry, he’s a straight forward honest man, but he sugar coats nothing and expect more than you can imagine.  People would tell me not to go work for him simply because he was strict.  I loved working for Bob.  He would never steal a penny, but he was all about profits.  He showed me not only how to fine tune production, by planning ahead, he taught me how to make $, without cheating.  Meanwhile my father, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and gave me the option of taking over, or selling the business.  Being the person I am, I had to go for it.  And here we are 4 years later, and while we are still moving towards perfecting WBS,

We are making strides in the right direction.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

"Great experience at Western Body Shop!!! I brought my 05 Cadillac CTS here after getting 2 estimates and saved $300! I had some cosmetic work done (scratches on both front and rear bumper covers and replaced an air dam that was missing). They did a great job! Danny was great. He said 2 days and he was right. The place itself is a hole in the wall and easily missed but definitely a diamond in the rough! I highly recommend Western Body Shop."
-Nuno, Chicago, IL

"Amazing service. I was  given a free quote, and the nature of the work entailed was described in clear, non-condescending way. In the end, the gentleman who appraised the car agreed that to repair the rust damage was more money than the car was worth; knowing when to turn away lucrative business in the name of not screwing your clientele is good business in my book. Additionally, he gave me great tips for polishing out some minor paint damage, explained what little things I could do to work around my rust damage, and even pulled out a few dings -- all with no charge. If you have ANY body work that needs to be done, go here!"
-Tashara, Chicago, IL

"So after 10 years in we finally managed to clip the drivers' side mirror on our garage.   It's an Acadia, so there's a million connections in there, so of course it's going to be costly.   I called the dealership (Yeah.....I'm gonna get my car repaired at a dealership. Why don't I just flush my money down the toilet?.....I know) and they said it would be $850 bucks to replace, since no one ever actually repairs anything anymore.  

Western did it for $350.  

On top of that, they said it would be $350 when I called them, and when we went to get it attached (they ordered it and painted it ahead of time), it turned out that because of all the connections, it would take over an hour to install rather than the 20 minutes they thought it would.  They still stuck to their estimate."
-Justin, Chicago, Il

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  • Free Written Estimates (pre-Work)
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